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class genericTaskList : public QListWidget
        QListWidgetItem *defaultText;

        genericTaskList (QWidget *parentWidget)
            setParent      (parentWidget);
            setFixedSize (445, 445);

            defaultText = new QListWidgetItem ("Double click here to compose the task");
            defaultText->setFlags (defaultText->flags () | Qt :: ItemIsEditable);

            insertItem     (0, defaultText);

            QObject :: connect (this, SIGNAL (currentRowChanged (int)), this, SLOT (addDefaultText (int)));

    public slots:
        void addDefaultText (int rr)
            std::cout << "\ndsklfjsdklfhsdklhfkjsdf\n";

            insertItem (++rr, defaultText);

This code is supposed to issue a signal each time the row gets edited.

After I call "insertItem" in the constructor, the signal is issued.
But, that's it. It never gets issued after that - no matter how many times I edit the row.

What am I missing?

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currentRowChanged indicates the row selection has changed, not the content of the row. Perhaps you want to use currentTextChanged or itemChanged instead.

The reuse of the word current and changed in the QT docs is quite confusing.

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That's very helpful. I couldn't have guessed this myself. –  TheIndependentAquarius Feb 23 '12 at 9:45

Warning: A QListWidgetItem can only be added to a QListWidget once. Adding the same QListWidgetItem multiple times to a QListWidget will result in undefined behavior.

So even if it will emit the signal I think you should better to add newly created Item. And when do you want the new row to be inserted ? - as soon as item is double clicked or finishing edit - they differ.

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right, thanks.. –  TheIndependentAquarius Feb 23 '12 at 10:34

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