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I have a static array of struct MyStruct. I need to access the array by index, but I also need every MyStruct to know what its index is. I currently use the following code:

struct MyStruct{ int index; const char* name; /* other data */ };
struct MyStruct values[]={
  { INDEX_FOO, "foo" /* ... */ },
  { INDEX_BAR, "bar" /* ... */ },
  { INDEX_BAZ, "baz" /* ... */ },
// requirement: for all i in {0,1,2}: values[i].index==i

which however duplicates the enum indices. Is there a way to do this without having to keep the enum and the array in sync?

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You might consider X-macros for this.

Something like:


X(FOO, "foo")
X(BAR, "bar")
X(BAZ, "baz")


#define X(a,b) INDEX_#a,
enum {
#include "blah.x"
#undef X

#define X(a,b) { INDEX_#a, b },
struct MyStruct values[]={
#include "blah.x"
#undef X
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+1 for mentioning the existence of X-macros – ouah Feb 23 '12 at 11:11

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