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wanted to integrate paypal payment into my paypal application but hit a snag. I installed dcramer's version of django-paypal and followed the instructions given for WPP (payment pro).

In my view, I followed the same item details in the examples:

def buy_my_item(request):
  item = {"amt": "10.00",             # amount to charge for item
          "inv": "inventory",         # unique tracking variable paypal
          "custom": "tracking",       # custom tracking variable for you
          "cancelurl": "http://myapp/url",  # Express checkout cancel url
          "returnurl": "http://myapp/url"}  # Express checkout return url

  kw = {"item": item,                            # what you're selling
        "payment_template": "payment.html",      # template name for payment
        "confirm_template": "confirmation.html", # template name for confirmation
        "success_url": "/success/"}              # redirect location after success

  ppp = PayPalPro(**kw)
  return ppp(request)

I am able to make a call to paypal sandbox and got redirected to the buyer payment page. There I noticed the buyer's order summary is empty when I did include the amount as shown above.

Any steps I missed here?

the debug messages:

PayPal Request:
    {'amt': '10.00',
     'cancelurl': 'http://bar.com',
     'custom': 'tracking',
     'inv': 'inventory',
     'method': 'SetExpressCheckout',
     'noshipping': 1,
     'returnurl': 'http://foo.com'}

PayPal Response:
{'ack': 'Success',
 'build': '2571254',
 'correlationid': '2f119c4489c1b',
 'timestamp': '2012-02-23T11:00:43Z',
 'token': 'EC-13C49181MF5610640',
 'version': '54.0'}
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Have you checked the network graph to be sure that it's the most up-to-date version you're using? I haven't used Django-Paypal for a few years, but I recall there being tighter ones than dcramer's original –  stevejalim Feb 23 '12 at 10:40
@stevejalim, seems like it. i've checked the params for setexpresspayout in paypal docs, doesn't seem to have a param called 'amt' though.. –  goh Feb 23 '12 at 11:39
maybe something shifted at PP's end. Does it have an 'amount' param instead? –  stevejalim Feb 23 '12 at 13:06
ah.. on further probing, the version django-paypal is using is pretty old 54.0... found the cause though... need to specify item amount / quantity and name in the params.. hmmm docs din say much about these... now i just need to decide whether to use the latest version or not.. –  goh Feb 23 '12 at 14:27
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