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Currently I Am developing an magazine reader app. In my app I want to provide the Subscription facility where user can have monthly subscriptions. I am having a doubt that is there a subscription facility in android market. I went through the Google docs.I fond that now its not available. But still I am having a doubt and little bit confused. Can any one tell me about this. Any help will be appreciated.I really want to clarify this for the further movement.

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Yes, there is an API that facilitates subscription. It's called In-app Billing and it's one of the most difficult to use payment APIs I ever encountered.

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thankzzz it helped meee – Sreedev R Dec 28 '12 at 5:27

The subscription based payment model was recently announced, and as Bill The Ape has said, it is quite difficult to use and understand.

Some useful links:

You can play around with the sample application, and re-use bits for your own app. If you do, make sure you read this so that the app is secure.

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What you're looking for is:

I actually disagree with Bill The Ape. The documentation and sample code is pretty decent. Google has a sample application that demonstrates subscriptions. The only issue is testing subscriptions, that's where there's very little support

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