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I want to run most my RSpec-s agains blazing fast SQLite, but be able to "tag" particular specs to use PostgreSQL (due to the heavy use of features of PG).

this is approx what I need:

describe "something" do
  it "runs against SQLite by default" do
    # etc

  it "but this against PG", :pg do
    # etc

I can probably hack in the establish_connection but want to do it "right" so the models don't share any of the stuff between the two.

Another issue is how to run rake tasks against those 2 DBs.

Please NOTE, I'm not asking about using multiple databases from the app. I want to switch DB between the specs.

There gotta be a gem for that :)

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What did you end up doing? I'm trying to tackle the same issue and would love to hear how this turned out. –  JacobEvelyn Jan 31 at 13:49
I'm just using the same DB as the production environment so that I don't need this at all. Ended up much better in the end as I could easily use DB specific syntax without problems. –  Dmytrii Nagirniak Feb 6 at 23:35
Yep, we ended up switching to a structure.sql file so SQLite is no longer an option. Agreed that this is much better, and with a few performance tweaks (disabling logging and garbage collection in tests, etc.) the tests aren't that bad. Good to hear there's a fellow Postgres comrade out there! –  JacobEvelyn Feb 7 at 23:52

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One way would be to use this solution:

Rails RSpec with Multiple Databases

Basically in your before(:each / :all) connect to the other database and in your after(:each / :all) restore the default connection.

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