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i try to make auto Auto-Renewable Subscriptions ,

who can i check if the user is active or not ?

please help ?

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Follow this guide from Apple on Verifying an Auto-renewable Subscription Receipts.

Basically you verify a receipt with Apple's servers and they'll respond with info about that receipt including expires_date. You can use that date to tell whether a user's subscription is current. Apple will also respond with the latest_receipt if there has been a renewal since the receipt you submitted. You can not however determine if the user has turned off auto-renewal until the term of the subscription ends, and either it renews or it doesn't.

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If you want to Implement Auto-Renewable Subcriptions,You have to implement InApp-Purchase using Store-Kit. InApp Purchase

if you want to check the active user then can use external api "Flurry Analytics". Flurry Analytics It gives the total analytical description of your app.

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