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Ok solved it. first I gonna use a Matlab tool and the chessboardthingie to get the intrinsic parameters. And the i ll use cv::solvePnP()

Yeah I used the search but unforunately it didnt help me alot.

As the title says I have to find the camera-coordinates in real world. But I am also facing some problems concerning opencv commands. Till now I know some points in the image and the corresponding World coordinates. (worst case 6 points are known)

To get the camera-cooridnates I thought of using the formula:

transp(x,y,z)= - transp(R)*t , where R and t are the extrinsic parameters

so now my proble is: how to calculate R and t ? I mean does an opencv function exist that solves this problem? Cause actually there are a lot camer calibrate functions. Or do I have to first calculate the intrinsic parameters ?

edit: here is the function i meant: http://opencv.willowgarage.com/documentation/python/calib3d_camera_calibration_and_3d_reconstruction.html#calibratecamera2

but i dont know how the parameters should look like. How can I initialize manually a for example 3x6 Matrix like cv::Mat ([[x1] [y1] [z1]] .... [[x6] [y6] [z6]])

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The R and T matrices are the Rotation and Translations between the two camera views in a stereo system

Presumably you could find the position of the camera relative to a single target - once you have a calibrated camera and a known target - but the description of the software is aimed at a stereo pair.

Chapter 11 and 12 of the openCV book give good descriptions

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