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I want to access flickr's public image gallery for iphone application. I know that for uploading photo on flickr we must have to login. But if i want to access http://www.flickr.com/photos/**** , here "****" is any registered Public user. I need the response in JSON format so that i can parse it and get the list of images just like we are doing RSS parsing. Please guide me how can i do it or if any sample code available than please give the link so that I can get idea how to do it. Thank you.

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Well, there arethings you can certainly do using Flickr API without authenticating whatsoever, more specifically following methods are enough to get everything you'd need: flickr.people.findByUsername, flickr.photosets.getList, flickr.photosets.getPhotos, flickr.photos.getSizes.

Try constructing your URL similar to...

 * Flickr service
#define kFlickrAPIKey           @"<your-api-key>"
#define kFlickrAPIURL           @"http://api.flickr.com/services/rest/"
#define kFlickrResponseFormat   @"json"
#define kFlickrNoJsonCallback   1

NSMutableString *urlString = [NSMutableString stringWithFormat:@"%@?method=%@&api_key=%@", kFlickrAPIURL, request, kFlickrAPIKey];
for (int i = 0; i < [params count]; i+=2) {
    [urlString appendFormat:@"&%@=%@", [params objectAtIndex:i], [params objectAtIndex:i+1]];
[urlString appendFormat:@"&format=%@&nojsoncallback=%d", kFlickrResponseFormat, kFlickrNoJsonCallback];

Although you could wrap just what you need on your own, there is also a third-party library available called ObjectiveFlickr.

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