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I wonder if you can get the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since an actionscript timer has started.

I want to set a simple label in flex that has the value of how long it wil take before the timer fires (again).

this is the code, at 'GET ELAPSED TIME', I need the time that the timer has been running (since it last fired the function):

var timer = new Timer (10000);
timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, foo);

var numberOfSeconds = timer.delay-timer.'GET ELAPSED TIME';

resetLabel.text = "only "+numberOfSeconds+" until foo fires";

Does this function to get the timers time exist and how is it called (google failed to answer me)?

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Do You know (new Date()).getTime() function ? And if You like to do such simple interval , read about flash.utils.setInterval and flash.utlis.clearInterval functions , easier than timer . –  turbosqel Feb 23 '12 at 14:09

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There is no real property to get the remaining time of your Timer. A workaround could be to add a check within your foo function. A basic setup would look something like this:

var realDelay:int = 10000;
var timer:Timer = new Timer (1);
timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, foo);

function foo(e:TimerEvent) : void 
    var realCount:int = Math.floor(timer.currentCount/realDelay);
    var timeLeft:Number = (realDelay-timer.currentCount%realDelay);
    resetLabel.text = "Real count: " + realCount + ", milliseconds left: " + timeLeft; 
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the realDelay is the timers delay I guess? –  Hans Vn Feb 23 '12 at 18:00
Some variation on this appears to be the only way to make this work. I would recommend using getTimer() to get the time since the Flash Player VM started to store start time and then compare times, however, instead of the currentCount method used here. –  Sam DeHaan Feb 23 '12 at 21:34

Unfortunately the build in Timer does not have support for what you want. Here is a very simple wrapper class to get an overall duration much like Sam DeHaan's suggestion.

package utility
    import flash.utils.Timer;
    import flash.utils.getTimer;

     * DurationTimer
     * Description:
     * Extending Timer class to help show elapsed time
    public class DurationTimer extends Timer
        private var _startTime:int;
        private var _endTime:int;

        public function DurationTimer( delay:Number, repeatCount:int = 0 )
            super( delay, repeatCount );

        public function get duration():int
            return ( running ) ? getTimer() - _startTime : _endTime - _startTime;

        override public function start():void
            _startTime = getTimer();

        override public function stop():void
            _endTime = getTimer();
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