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Even though this is not a specific coding question, I think stackoverflow is the right place to ask, because this only affects programmers, not the normal users.

So maybe you have some feedback on the following points. As far as I understand, integrating paypal in your app is pretty simple, you get a button, the user pays, you get a message back which said "paid".

A few things to consider, though:

Do you have a "check payment again" feature?
If the user paid for you app, and you e.g. do a refund, how should the app know. Also, in my opinion, it is more save to check in (pretty generous) intervals if the app is still valid. I do this with the google license server by query it from time to time, giving 8 weeks grace, but of course you are right, users which cancel their market account would loose their activated app after a few month. Still a scenario I think ok, lets not get into the usability here, main question: is there a similar feature with paypal LIB.

Submit your APK and get your ID - for every update again?
The docs tell me to submit my APK to get my APP ID - does this also apply for updates? So is the ID bound to some checksum of the APK - I am planning for 10 Apps, and I do not want to submit 10 Apps to Paypal each time I change some minor bug in the code. Or is it more a general "we want to see what you have", and not for every revision.

Any other (bad) experiences Anyone tried the paypal integration, and can tell me big differences to the google market license server. Maybe stuff you would not know until you faced it (e.g. the hickups the market has from time to time, so caching locally is a good idea) or other traps and pitfalls.

I know this question is pretty general, but the above are valid questions for any programmer thinking about integrating another payment service in Android.

Thanks for your feedback, Chris

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Looks like you have decided not to use it before even exploring the option, so why do you bother? Give a try to google wallet for example –  ArcDare Feb 23 '12 at 11:37
I dont really get your feedback. I checked the API and the tutorials, and there are some open questions. Isn't the purpose of this site to help others if you are already more familiar with a topic. So what about question 1 and 2, pretty clear questions, any input on these? I just like to know, if e.g. question 2 is "for every update" then yes, paypal will be out - or a LOT for work, so I might look for alternatives. –  Christian Feb 23 '12 at 13:01
But I will take a look at google wallet as well. Even though Paypal is more common, I think. –  Christian Feb 23 '12 at 13:12
I've re-read my answer and you're right, forgive me if I looked rude, that wasn't my intention. What I wanted to express is just that there are in fact other ways that might fit better to what you are looking for, as google wallet for example. –  ArcDare Feb 23 '12 at 16:57
Oh, and btw, if it would be my decision, I would tell everybody to use the google market, and thats it :-) But you know customers, if you don't make it easy for them to give you money - they just wont. –  Christian Feb 23 '12 at 22:07

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