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I have a web application that is hosted in a shared environment. This applicatin uses RDLC reports and I need to use a custom (strongly named) DLL in the report. Now, it looks like this DLL needs to be GAC deployed but I have no access to the shared server's GAC. All I can do i bin deploy.

Is there a way to use custom code DLL in RDLC without GAC deplyoing?

Thank you.

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Yes, tehre is - but being shares hosting you also ahve no access to the security configuration so effectiely: no, there is not. Shared hosting is very limtied and you should haev made sure your application works under recommended IIS configurations (visible at, maintanied by microsoft) for hosters from the beginning.

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And, beside the shared hosting limitation, what would be the alternative configurato ti implement in order not to GAC deploy? – Edoardo Feb 27 '12 at 13:51
Not use this particular report technology. SImple like that - there are alternative report technologies that do not use GAC. RDLC is written t orequire installation. Can not install - do not use it. – TomTom Feb 27 '12 at 13:53

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