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I am using the following Spreadsheet gem to generate an excel sheet from ruby-on-rails.. http://spreadsheet.rubyforge.org/GUIDE_txt.html

I want to format a cell such that I can see it's top and bottom border, but not any other. Is there anybody who's been there and done that, and knows how to?


The - (Object) border=(boolean) Activate or deactivate all four borders (left, right, top, bottom).

  • function sets all or none of the borders on the page.
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How about this:

book = Spreadsheet::Workbook.new
sheet = book.create_worksheet
format = Spreadsheet::Format.new
sheet.rows[4].set_format(8, format)
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If you are generating excel, axlsx and the rails plugin acts_as_xlsx is probably your best bet.


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+1 for the link. Better documented than spreadsheet gem. –  jwadsack Apr 18 at 6:01

Hi I am not sure but this gem might be helpful to you.


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