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By default Rake will stop at the first exception raised.

There doesn't seem to be a command line equivalent to make -k, is there any way to do it programmaticaly?

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Solved my problem in a similar way suggested by @jmonteiro: rule '.o' => ['.c'] do |t| begin sh "cc #{t.source} -c -o #{t.name}" rescue RuntimeError => e if keep_going? next 0 else raise e end end end –  hausen Feb 23 '12 at 16:07

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Unfortunately there is no --keep-going in rake (and I think that's fine). The only way I can think of is to wrap your Rakefile with begin; rescue; end, but it won't make it "keep going" -- it will simply ensure that your rake's execution return is 0.

  # Former Rakefile code goes here
  puts $!.inspect

I believe that "keep going" isn't possible since when you raise something you already changed your algorithm's flow -- i.e. don't try to solve your problem by ignoring Exceptions.

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