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My application is localized in two languages. I have pairs of xib files for the two localizations. When I change the device/simulator language, or when I modify xib files and rebuild-run the application, the old xib files are still used in the application, seem to be cached somewhere. How to tell my app to delete cached xib files?

Edit: Check this scene: On device, I run the app while the device language is English, all xib files are English. Then I change device language to Arabic, restart the device, Xib files still english!

what is the problem? and how to solve it?

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Please Reset or delete the build in simulator and again run project –  Deepesh Feb 23 '12 at 12:21

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From Xcode:

  • Build Menu -> Clean


  • Delete app from simulator

(usually I do both)

Make sure the xib are only in the localized directories

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