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I am using JavaHelp for online help content for my web application say "audit". I have choosen struts as my development framework for audit. and accessing JavaHelp component from audit. All The help content are placed in folder say JavaHelpDemo in webapp directory of the tomcat where my web application (audit) is present.

for that i use below statement in jsp of audit

<jsp:useBean id="helpBroker" class="javax.help.ServletHelpBroker" scope="session" />
<jh:validate helpBroker="<%= helpBroker %>" helpSetName="JavaHelpDemo/jhelpset.hs"/>

that is working fine because some where below URL is generated to call the helpset file http://localhost:8080/JavaHelpDemo/jhelpset.hs .

But if i migrate this to the other server in another m/c where i will pass the URL so that it will work .

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