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This is my sort of setting .py


    ('es', gettext('Spanish')),
    ('en', gettext('English')),
LANGUAGES = [('es', 'Spanish'),('en', 'English')]

     # 'django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware',
    # 'vclubcms.middleware.URLMiddlewares.CustomMultilingualURLMiddleware'

My problem is :

when i access myserver:8000/myview it renders. when i access myserver:8000/cmspage it renders on the cms page templage i have some links . which get converted to /language_code/cmspage due to multilingual. so when click on link it is not opening .

e.g. myserver:8000/language_code/cmspage not working

What i tried i followed this link

and enable the


and then i run the myserver:8000/language_code/cmspage

it shows

The page isn't redirecting properly

and with 21 request.

Please suggest how can i solve this problem .

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The CustomMultilingualURLMiddleware is used only to add the language prefix to the URL if it is missing. I believe the problem comes from the fact the "myserver:8000/language_code/cmspage" is not working without this middleware. Check here I believe the problem is the middleware order pr‌​ultilingualURLMiddleware – Ilian Iliev Feb 23 '12 at 12:37
@IlianIliev thank you so much , you was right about the problem , problem was in the order . – XMen Feb 23 '12 at 13:06
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Fixed: The problem was in the middlewares order -> for the correct order check

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Link is broken, and even if it wasn't, it leads to a dead page. =/ The link you were referring to, I think, was:…. You should avoid using the 'Latest' alias when making links which should be permanent. BTW, Love your blog! – mkoistinen Apr 4 '13 at 15:15

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