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Initially, I had a problem that a click event was firing multiple times, but I have managed to overcome that with a probably over use of unbind() and one() as you'll see in my code below!

What I have here is some code which opens up a universally usable Modal window which I use for various things, including, in some cases a password form.

I don't think you need the HTML so I won't post that.

When a button, or an action causes the window to be required, I call the function like this:

showModalAlert(type, theWidth, theHeight, title, html, confirmThis, denyThis)

The first three variables determine how the window will look, title and html determine the content and confirmThis and denyThis are functions set immediately prior to calling this function and determine what the action should be if this is a confirm window and the confirm or deny buttons are press.

In the case of a security window, the confirm button is replace by a "sign it" button which submits a simple password form and returns a User Id from database. If a User Id is successfully returned, the script programatically presses the confirm button and in turn runs it's function as per the call to the inital opening of the modal window.

My problem is that if an incorrect password is entered, or a user cancels the window and then later without refreshing the browser window, re-enters the password correctly, the confirmThis() function is performed twice (or as many times as the incorrect password/cancel action was performed).

So, clearly, what it is doing is "remembering" the confirmThis function each time.

As I said, initially, the password success function was clicking confirmIt twice, copious use of one() has fixed this, it is now definitely only clicking confirmIt once, but it is still performing the function multiple time.

How can I clear this function and ensure it is only performed once?

The function from which I am calling the modal window looks like this:

    $('#saveDelivery').click(function () {
           function confirmIt() {
                formData = (JSON.stringify($('#delDetail').serializeObject()));
            showModalAlert('security', '300px', '185px', 'Security!', 'You need to "Sign" this action.', confirmIt, '');

It's simply a click on the saveDelivery element, the confirmThis function is declared at this point and submits an AJAX form

the actual showModalAlert function is below:

function showModalAlert(type, theWidth, theHeight, title, html, confirmThis, denyThis)        {

// stuff that opens the alert window \\

if (confirmThis == '') {
    $('#confirmIt').one('click', function () { $('#closeAlert').one('click').click(); });
} else {
    $('#confirmIt').one('click', function () { confirmThis(); $('#closeAlert').one('click').click(); });
if (denyThis == '') {
    $('#denyIt').one('click', function () { $('#closeAlert').one('click').click(); $('#signIt').unbind(); });
} else {
    $('#denyIt').one('click', function () { denyThis(); $('#closeAlert').one('click').click(); $('#signIt').unbind(); });

if (type == "confirm") {
    $('.closeAlert, .signItForm').hide();
if (type == "alert") {
    $('.alertConfirm, .signItForm').hide();
if (type == "fixedAlert") {
    $('.closeAlert, .alertConfirm, .signItForm').hide();
if (type == "security") {

$('#signIt').live('click', function () {
var formData = (JSON.stringify($('.secureSign').serializeObject()));
var signitPwd = $('#signItpwd').val();
var jsonURL = "/jsonout/getdata.aspx?sql=SELECT id, password FROM users WHERE password ='" + signitPwd + "' LIMIT 1&output=json&usedb=new&labelName=any&fileName=";

$.getJSON(jsonURL, function (data) {
    if (data.length > 0) {
        $('#signIt').fadeTo('fast', 0);
    } else {
        $('#signIt').fadeTo('fast', 0);
        $('.alertConfirm, .signItForm').hide();
        $('#alertContent').css({ 'text-align': 'center' }).html("Password Denied");
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From my understanding of $.one, it merely runs the event ONCE. If you bind it twice to the event, it will run twice instantaneously, but no more.

Example: (click the button, and it will run the event 4 times).

Each time you click saveDelivery, you are infact, binding another $.one event to #confirmIt.

What you could do is unbind your events from confirmIt and denyIt at the start of the modal function (i.e. $('#confirmIt, #denyIt').unbind('click');, and then you will assign them fresh each time that function is called, rather than building on top of them. Not ideal, as binding/unbinding uses more resources than other options, but just give that a try to start with perhaps?

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Spot on! Excellent thanks, just adding that line to the top of the modal function fixed it. I'll try removing some of the other unbind() calls as well because they're probably not needed! – Jamie Hartnoll Feb 23 '12 at 12:42
Sorted! Removed all other unbind() references and now it works perfectly! :D – Jamie Hartnoll Feb 23 '12 at 12:46
Nice one :)! Glad I could help! – Benno Feb 23 '12 at 12:47

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