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I want to extract a special number from this website:


If you look at the html code of this website you see:

SOME STRTINGs ..window.__SSR = {c: 2337.0 ,si:1 ...SOME STRTINGs

and I need this number after c:

at the moment it is 2337

How to get it?

I need this number as global variable, because I want to do some math with it.

Short working example would be great.


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If you open the js console in chrome and type window.__SSR.c it will return your number.

If you wanted to turn it into a global variable then just put var myNumber = window.__SSR.c; at the top of your script.

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thank you for your reply, but I dont understand how I can implement it in the code of my website. Could you make a small example? – alisia123 Feb 23 '12 at 17:10

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