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I am doing some r &d in cocos2d.I have one backgroundLayer and add one sprite in that layer. In touches Moved i changed the sprite position to current touch position.If background layer is not scaling that means backgroundLayer scale is 1 ,the code is run perfectly (simply set the touch position to sprite position).if i scaling the backgroundLayer i have the problem sprite doesn't move touch position ..please any one help me.

Here is my code:

layer1=[CCLayer node];
[self addChild:layer1];

iconImg=[CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"Icon-72.png"];
[layer1 addChild:iconImg];

In Touches Moved


My problem is after scaling the backgroundLayer how to find the touch position according to the background layer position..any one guide me...

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How do you calculate your tchLocation?

It should work with:

CGPoint *tchLocation = [layer1 convertTouchToNodeSpace:touch];

Where touch is your UITouch.

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ya its working thanks for the help ... –  banu Feb 24 '12 at 9:39

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