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I"m using Awesomium to try and implement webpages inside my windows form application.

I've used the the awesomium .NET samples but I just don't get the my tab with my homeurl.

When I run my project the status bar is floating inside my form and nothing else happens.

Anyone know where I can get a tut on how to do this or know what could be the problem?

    public Laboratory() {
        WebCoreConfig webConfig = new WebCoreConfig() {
            SaveCacheAndCookies = true,
            HomeURL = "",
            LogLevel = LogLevel.Verbose

        // Using our executable as a child rendering process, is not
        // available when debugging in VS.
        if (!Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName.EndsWith("vshost")) {
            // We demonstrate using our own executable as child rendering process.
            // Also see the entry point (Main function) in Program.cs.
            webConfig.ChildProcessPath = WebCoreConfig.CHILD_PROCESS_SELF;


    #region methodes

    #region OpenTab
    internal WebDocument OpenTab(string url = null, string title = null) {
        WebDocument doc = String.IsNullOrEmpty(url) ? new WebDocument() :
            String.IsNullOrEmpty(title) ? new WebDocument(url) : new WebDocument(url, title);

        return doc;

    protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) {

Windows form application

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Use the WebControl class. – Hans Passant Feb 23 '12 at 13:43
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I've redone the left panel completely and used the other example that was with the download, that works like a charm. It's very basic but that'll do for now.

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I too had the same problem but i devised a work around for the problem . I implemented the main browser engine that needs to be rendered on every tab (WebDocument Page as per the example) as a user control . Then i used a DockPannel in the mainForm .

So i create an instance of the user control and then add this to an instance of the DockPannel and thus it creates a tab with the required structure .

In case you have still not found a solution or have problems , please leave down a comment and i'll put in some code to help you .

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