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I'm programming C++ on Panasonic Camera. I sent a request to camera to retrieve audio captured by using camera’s microphone. Data is returned from camera has format as follows:

"HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n" 
"Content-type: multipart/x-mixed-re place;boundary=--myboundary\r\n" 
"Content-Type: audio/g726-mixed\r\n" 
"Content-Length:  2048\r\n\r\n" 

(Data) is encoded in standard G.726. I need a C++ opensource library to decode G.726 and play back data after decoding. If someone knows then please show me.

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Something very similar has been asked before with a useful link

How do I convert a G.726 ADPCM signal into a PCM signal?

The PCM signal can then be streamed to your output device, converted into another format or saved as a WAV file.

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