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How can I post a big image along with my message to my facebook wall? With the below code it only displays a min image? And if I post a message and image from inside facebook, then that image is the full width of the timeline, how can I do that with the below code?

 function postonwall(){ 

         FB.api('/me/feed', 'post', 
                 message     : "testtext.",
                 link        : '',
                 picture     : '',
                 name        : 'somename',
                 description : 'sometext !'

         function(response) {

             if (!response || response.error) {
                 alert('Error occured');
             } else {
                 //alert('Post ID: ' +;
               alert('Success: Content Published');

Or what do I have to do to post a big image, if it doesnt work with this? Any input appreciated, thanks!

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From what I've researched, the only way to post large images to a users wall/timeline is through the use of "User Generated Photos in the Open Graph"

Go here to learn more:

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