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I want to print a user role in JSP? I know there is a spring -security tag called as <sec:authentication property="principal.username"/> Using this tag I can access the user name..but how to access and print the current role in jsp?

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Since principal refers to your UserDetails object, if you inspect that object the roles are stored under public Collection<GrantedAuthority> getAuthorities() { .. }.

That said, if you merely want to print the roles on the screen, do this:-

<sec:authentication property="principal.authorities"/>
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Use getAuthorities or write your own implementation of userdetails and create a convenience method.

or :

<sec:authorize access="hasRole('supervisor')">
 This content will only be visible to users who have
 the "supervisor" authority in their list of <tt>GrantedAuthority</tt>s.

from here .

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how to use getAuthorities from jsp ? – Rajesh Feb 23 '12 at 13:38
just use nromal bean convention : <sec:authentication property="principal.authorities"/> – NimChimpsky Feb 23 '12 at 13:47
<sec:authentication property="principal.authorities" var="authorities" />
<c:forEach items="${authorities}" var="authority" varStatus="vs">
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A little details goes a long way... – Sнаđошƒаӽ Apr 9 at 7:06

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