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Here is the problem : I would like to create an application on an Android wifi tablet that would be able to connect to an Android phone to achieve :

  • Sharing contacts, SMSes
  • Transfering incoming calls to the tablet
  • Playing songs from the phone on the tablet (transfer the song then play it)
  • A lot of other things but I think that this list will already give me some work...

Basically what I was thinking was :

  • Using direct Wifi to pull contacts and SMSes on the tablet <- Should be ok, existing examples
  • Using direct Wifi to transfer the music files to the tablet <- Should be ok, existing examples
  • Using bluetooth to transfer incoming calls to the tablet <- This is the hard part

I know a bit about Bluetooth profiles and so on. So what I want is expose the tablet on the Bluetooth network as a headphone device...

Basically, what I wanted, before going on to development, was if some people had experience with that and know if this can be realized.


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I figured out that, because of the Blutooth profiles on tablets and smartphones, it might be impossible to connect them together and share such a thing.

It would require implementing new Bluetooth profiles in the tablet and/or phone lower layer code.

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