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Im using Jeditable inside a table, to update a value.

function updateOwner(row, value, settings) {

            var td = $(row).closest('.cvrnummer');


            $.post('UserAdministration/UpdateOwners', { owner: value }, function (data) {

        $('.editable').editable(function (value, settings) {
            updateOwner(this, value, settings);
            return (value);
        }, {
            data: " {'mona':'moma','cecilie':'cecilie','jacob':'jacob', 'morten':'morten', 'rasmus' : 'rasmus', 'selected':'mona'}",
            type: 'select',
            submit: 'OK'

The table looks like this:

<table id="userTable" class="table-autofilter table-autosort" >
<th>Firma navn</th>
<th class="table-filterable">Tilhører</th>
<th class="table-sortable:date">Oprettet</th>
<th>Sidst online</th>
<th class="table-sortable:numeric table-sortable">Besvaret (%)</th>
       <td class="cvrnummer"></td>
       <td class="editable" style="text-align: center;"></td>
       <td>Se besvarelser</td>

I want to pass the value inside

<td class="cvrnummer"></td>

when i use AJAX to post a value, but im not sure how to get the value. Im using:

var td = $(row).closest('.cvrnummer');


which is returning null.

How do i get the value?

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You should do

var td = $(row).closest.('tr').find('td.cvrnummer');

because closest() goes up the DOM tree, while find() goes down. You can't use prev() because it returns just the preovious element

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It looks like you're selected the <td class="editable"> as the first argument to the updateOwner method. The closest selector in jQuery will not look at the siblings to the selected td, it just goes up through the DOM. You could try var td = $(row).siblings('.cvrnummer'); or var td = $(row).parent().find('.cvrummer');

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