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I am trying to implement a full-text searching with tire/elasticsearch for my Client model. I have a set of users, working with clients. There is a HABTM association between Client and User models.

There is a manager function to scope only clients, managed by a particular user (in most cases it is the user currently logged in). I would like to implement a search filter in tire that would work much the same way as it works with ActiveRecord. It does not work with tire (throwing the no filter registered for [user_ids] error).

s.filter :user_ids, manager(params[:manager]).map(&:id) 
  if params[:manager].present?

I believe I might be doing something completely off the wall here, but what is wrong with the way I do that and what tutorial/reading would you recommend?

Here is the model.

class Client < ActiveRecord::Base

  has_and_belongs_to_many :users, :uniq => true

  ## Tire would-be implementation
  # include Tire::Model::Search
  # include Tire::Model::Callbacks
  # mapping do
  #   indexes :name
  #   indexes :comment
  #   indexes :user_ids
  # end

  def self.manager(user_id)

  def self.index_search(params={})
    ## Tire would-be-implementation - does not work
    # tire.search(load: true) do |s|
    #   s.query { string params[:search], default_operator: "AND" } if params[:search].present?
    #   s.filter :user_ids, manager(params[:manager]).map(&:id) if params[:manager].present?
    # end

    # ActiveRecord implementation - works
    if params[:manager].present?
      if params[:search].present?
        @clients = manager(params[:manager]).where(['name LIKE ?', "%#{params[:search]}%"])
        @clients = manager(params[:manager])
      if params[:search].present?
        @clients = where(['name LIKE ?', "%#{params[:search]}%"])
        @clients = all

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Try something like

t.filter :not , {:ids => { :values => self.manager(params[:manager]).map(&:id) }} if params[:manager].present?


t.filter :ids, :values => self.manager(params[:manager]).map(&:id) if params[:manager].present?
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