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How can I expose QMap from C++ to QML? Using QList I can use QDeclarativeListProperty.


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You could convert or change it into a QVariantMap. In QML you can use the QVariantMap instance as a normal Javascript object.

class MyClass : public QObject {
    Q_INVOKABLE QVariantMap getIntMap() {
        QVariantMap rval;
        foreach (QString key, m_intMap.keys()) {
            // int has an implicit conversion to QVariant
            rval[key] = m_intMap[key]; 
        return rval;

    Q_INVOKABLE QVariantMap getObjMap() {
        QVariantMap rval;
        foreach (QString key, m_objMap.keys()) {
            // TODO: make sure all QObject subclasses are exported to QML
            rval[key] = QVariant::fromValue<QObject*>(m_objMap[key]); 
        return rval;

    QMap<QString, int> m_intMap;
    QMap<QString, QObject*> m_objMap;
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Do you know how to exactly use QVariantMap? Any good examples how to connect the C++ par to QML using this? –  user1185305 Feb 24 '12 at 11:54
I have QMap<QString, QObject*> and want to somehow expose that to QML. How is this exactly done? –  user1185305 Feb 24 '12 at 14:46
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