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When I go into the res folder for my project I only see the drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi, and drawable-mdpi folders. Every tutorial I've read says put the image in the drawable folder. Am I supposed to have one?

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It doesn't get created automatically when you create the project like the others. Just create a folder named drawable in the same location as those other folders. You also do this for anim, animator, values-x, raw, menu, and basically any other specialty resource folder that you may need.

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If you have a PNG image file you should place it into drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi or drawable-hdpi, depending on its resolutions. Ideally you should provide three versions (or four, with xhdpi) of your bitmap for the different screen pixel densities.

If you have a drawable resource defined in XML that is independent of pixel dentity (e.g. a Shape Drawable) you should place it in drawable.

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