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I have a problem with the symbols ^ and .

I need to replace all \ and ^ with \ and \^. But we don't know which ones are present in the search string containing it .

The combination can be in any order .

if '\\'or '^' in Pattern:
         Pattern = Pattern.replace("\\",r"\\") 

Now i need to replace \ , ^ or both .Whichever is found . If both are present , then both . Or if any one of them is found , then that one.

How do we replace conditionally , one , or all ...?

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You can replace without testing:

Pattern = Pattern.replace("\\",r"\\").replace("^",r"\^")
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'\\'or '^' in Pattern

is the logical OR of the expressions



'^' in Pattern

the first of which is always true.

If you want to look for either one of these characters in a string, do

'\\' in Pattern or '^' in Pattern
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HI Again , if anybody following this , can someone explain me how this is happening? '>>> a='abc'' '>>> print 'd' or 'e' in a' 'd' '>>> print 'd' in a or 'a' in a' 'True' '>>> print any(c in a for c in 'da')' 'True' –  arindam roy chowdhury Feb 23 '12 at 17:18
@arindamroychowdhury: please don't post new questions in comments. –  larsmans Feb 23 '12 at 17:47
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If I'm understanding your question correctly, then I presume you're trying to do something like:

Pattern = Pattern.replace("\",r"\\").replace("^",r"\^")

(looks like someone has already answered this question while I was typing)

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