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I am trying to find out the way to get rid of the

symbols from string.

I have tried Trim and CharStrip functions, but with no success.

Code snipp:

  ${CharStrip} "
" "$R4" "$R3"
  !insertmacro WriteXMLPathAttr "/configuration/FTGAuth" "value" "$R3"

WriteXMLPathAttr macro:

  ${xml::RootElement} $R1 $R0
    nsisdbg::sendtolog /NOUNLOAD " root : $R1"
  ${xml::GotoPath} "${XML_PATH}" $R1
    nsisdbg::sendtolog /NOUNLOAD "GotoPath ${XML_PATH} result: $R1 "
  ${xml::SetAttribute} "${XML_PARAM}" "${XML_VARIABLE}" $R1
    nsisdbg::sendtolog /NOUNLOAD "SetAttribute result $R1 : ${XML_VARIABLE} "

Thanks for any help!


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You could try with the Replace Sub String macro from the String functions section of the wiki.

There is also Another string replace alternative.

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