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This might be really simple.

I have two domain classes - Member and GroupOfMembers.

class Member
    String memberName

class GroupOfMembers
    String groupName

    static hasMany = [members : Member]

As seen in above code, a Member can exist without a group or can be associated with one or more groups.

I am trying to figure out GORM query where I can list all groups to which a given member is associated with. The schema generated in this case has a join table for the two entities.


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If you haven't already figured this out try this for a particular member:

def groupList = GroupOfMembers.createCriteria().list {
    members {
        eq('id', member.id)
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Thanks Kelly. This definitely works. My requirement changed a bit however. Now the relationship is Many-To-Many. So I created a new entity:- class Membership{ User member GroupOfMembers group //validation constraints // functions for save,update and delete Memberships } This way it is cleaner to query from both the ends. –  Kumar Sambhav Jul 27 '12 at 7:12

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