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I'm using OpenLayers and I am using jsonp to retrieve some external data. However, when I get the data back it gives me this error:

OpenLayers.Protocol.Script.registry[3] is not a function

My returned data looks like this when it fails:

OpenLayers.Protocol.Script.registry[3]({"type": "FeatureCollection","features": [

The funny things is, it doesn't fail everytime... Only randomly. In this instance, only the [3] call failed while the rest of [0] through [10] worked.

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue at the moment. It doesn't seem to happen if I use the openlayers.debug.js. I use v2.12. drawing the map and also initializing the layers (and thus also the script protocol) happens on document load, so @tracevipin loading times can't be it –  Jeroen Mar 9 '13 at 16:54

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I don't know what is the exact issue in your case, but usually this happens when the script containing the callback function has not been loaded completely before the response comes.

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