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Like the problem described by title, my problem is when I read the Http header that returned from the server in the android programs , it appears Disorderly code of strings, so, what I don't know is, what kind of charset the server used to encoding the http response Headers ?and what charset the andorid used to decode the http response headers? How do I escape or deal the Garbled?

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You're going to get better answers if you actually put what the "garbled" text is here in the question, along with how you got it. –  Bill James Feb 23 '12 at 16:40

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Since HTTP Headers are MIME, see RFC 822 where it is defined as ASCII.


Once a field has been unfolded, it may be viewed as being composed of a field-name followed by a colon (":"), followed by a field-body, and terminated by a carriage-return/line-feed. The field-name must be composed of printable ASCII characters (i.e., characters that have values between 33. and 126., decimal, except colon). The field-body may be composed of any ASCII characters, except CR or LF. (While CR and/or LF may be present in the actual text, they are removed by the action of unfolding the field.)

Then RFC 2047

describes extensions to RFC 822 to allow non-US-ASCII text data in Internet mail header fields

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