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This may seem like a silly question but I can't find anything to help. How would you create a logout button on every view like the one available in the admin page?

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Use templates inheritance: or include tag:

Example with template inheritance: We have a base template for all pages on our application:

# base.html #
    <a href="/logout">logout</a>  # or use the "url" tag: {% url logout_named_view %}

    {% block content %} {% endblock %}

# other_pages.html #

{% extends "base.html" %}
{% block content %}
    <div class="content">....</div>
{% endblock %}

Now, we have a logout link on all pages inherited from the base.html

Example with include tag:

# user_panel.html #
<div class="user_panel">
    <a href="/logout">logout</a>

# other_pages #
    {% include "user_panel.html" %}

I recommend for a solution to your problem using template inheritance

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