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Let's suppose we have a table defined with:


This table initially is empty. I would like to get the sigid for a given name with a select and in case name does not exist, add it and get the new autoincremented id.

I would like to use this query in order to autogenerate ,when needed, a new id that is used as foreign key in another table. I must put attention to the performances so I cannot proceed as :

  1. check if name is present and return id witha a SELECT
  2. if returned id is null create a new entry with an INSERT
  3. get the new id again with a new SELECT

Is it possible do it with a single SELECT-like query ?


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if the table is empty and you are the one filling it in just one shot (and you don't need to do it again later on when there is data in the table), AND you don't have too many rows, then you could just cache the names you have already inserted and look them up in memory.

It's more of a comment, I guess.

there is also this for getting the last inserted id:

SELECT last_insert_rowid();

But if the above applies, you are even faster by assigning the ids yourself, and not define it as AUTOINCREMENT. Then you don't need to get the last inserted id, you just keep a counter and all the names inserted and increment for each new name you find.


 List<String> insertedNames = new List<String>();
 int count = 0;
    String name =;
    if( !insertedNames.contains(name) )
       var sql = "insert into table (sigid,name) VALUES (" + count + ", " + name + ")";

answering your comment

public int getId( string name )
   String sql = "select id from table where name='" + name + "'";
   int theIdForTheName = executeAndGetFirstColumnAsInt(sql);
   return theIdForTheName;

i don't know what else to tell you...

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I've already found this option but it is not what I'm looking for. When I ask for the id of an already existing name it could return me the wrong id. For Example lets suppose to add in order "CAT"->id=1 "DOG"->id=2 "FISH"->id=3. When I send a query for "CAT" it will return me id=3 (the last inserted id) , that is the wrong id. – alexroat Feb 23 '12 at 16:08
to answer your comment, i need to see your code, here is what i would do: select id from table where name='CAT' – ämbi Feb 23 '12 at 16:13
let's incapsulate this query in a function getid(name). calling in order getid("DOG"),getid("CAT"),getid("DOG"),getid("FISH"),getid("CAT"),getid("BUNNY") should return in order 1,2,1,3,2,4 the last_inserted_id is not always what I'm looking for. – alexroat Feb 23 '12 at 16:15
I don't have other code except the one i posted to create the table. If i call select id from table where name='CAT' it will return an empty result and it wont add the record "CAT" in the table. I need a query that always return a valid ID, eventually obtained after an insert – alexroat Feb 23 '12 at 16:19
Basically, i need an SQL line that acts like: if name exists in signals return id of name else insert (null,name) in signals and return id of name. I need that works in different executions so I cannot cache the added id. I would prefer to do it in a single SQL query. – alexroat Feb 23 '12 at 16:32

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