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I am using jcop tool plugin with eclipse and my atr is:-

--Opening terminal
<div class="jive-quote"> /card -a a000000003000000 -c com.ibm.jc.CardManager</div>
--Waiting for card...
ATR=3B E9 00 00 81 31 FE 45 4A 43 4F 50 34 31 56 32    ;....1.EJCOP41V2
    32 A7                                              2.

everything is fine with sample applet { it contain a empty process () or gives 90 00 for select applet apdu }

I am using eclipse ide and jcop plugin, basically my problem is to building project when any changes occoured, initially when i start a new project with steps like:- 1- java card project

2-java applet

3-package id

4-applet id

5-basic template of applet ...

N- finish ok

then when screen open, at the left side i saw cap file propery window ,and automatically there are cap file in bin folder.

It means jcop tool used converter to make .cap file, but when i add some lines according to my requirment, I am unable to build it again or unable to get a new cap file. May be i need to set some build path , but first time it automatically build so it also
indicate that there are no need to set the build path. I am confused in this area. Is i need to reference the path of converter.jar { jcdk 2.2.1 }? or jcop plugin also have the required jar for converting .class to .cap , inside it. how i rebuild it and make a new fresh .cap file.

some jar file which i paste in plugin folder of eclipse are:-


before i was using JCDE plugin for simulation process but here i did not use JCDE, I have only eclipse + jcop plugin

I tried to tell you, what is my problem, If you still have any doubt , Let me know.

Waiting for your reply and thanks for your time ............

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If your Java classes compiled correctly then the build path should be OK. It's more likely that the JCOP converter (it's included as a build step in the project) fails. This could be because there are some Java Card restrictions that have been broken. Unfortunately, the JCOP converter can fail silently. Common reasons are: the use of integers within expressions/comparisions and the use of byte code (method calls, field access) within constants (static final fields).

If you cannot figure it out, try to compile and convert using the official Java Card API and converter (you can add additional libs to the official converter in the form of .ext files and of course .jars or classes). It will probably catch more errors, including the ones above.

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Initially i was unable to getting the eclipse and JCOP concept, but now i do. now I am able to build the project or eclipse is building it automatically !!!! I faced this problem b'se i am a newbie in java card. but now things going good to me.

I want to share my getting here:--

My dout was- Is jcop intially have all the Jar's , converter which is required to create a cap file????
you just get eclipse ide and get jcop plugin, and paste jcop plugin jar's inside the plugin folder of ecipse and START ECLIPS AGAIN.

NO REQUIREMENT OF JCDE-java card development envoirnment
no requirement of jcdk- java card development kit ,
no requirement of set any build path in eclipse. just make your applet , and run with jcop tool.

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Ah, well, glad you got it working daniel. Be warned that JCOP builds may fail silently sometimes, if you are unsure, check the date of the .cap files, and see my answer above. The JCOP tools are much easier to use than most card development environments out there, even though they have some rather annoying quirks. You can accept your own answer after a while. –  Maarten Bodewes - owlstead Mar 4 '12 at 17:11

No need JCDE. After you change the code, just save it and then go to run configuration menu to install the applet. Then everything is ok.

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