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Question on this JavaScript Syntax (“What Does This Do?”)

What is the purpose of this line of code: /xyz/.test(function(){xyz;}). I have seen it in many pieces of code, but never understood why it's there. What's its purpose? I know that it's a regex function and returns a boolean based on if a match was found.

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To test if function decompilation is supported –  Esailija Feb 23 '12 at 16:27
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It checks the current environment for the ability to decompile functions. To be more specific: it calls the toString function of function(){xyz;} and tests the resulting string with a regular expression that searches for xyz. If the js environment supports function decompilation the test for xyz will succeed, otherwise it will give false

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That checks whether calling toString() on a function returns the actual code of the function.

/xyz/.test(something) returns true if something contains xyz.

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