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I am trying to store splqueue to memcache (NOT memcached). The following sample code is a simple test for this purpose.

$mc = new Memcache();
$mc->addServer("", 11300);
$mc->addServer("", 11301);
$mc->addServer("", 11302);

$q = new SplQueue();
$q->count(); // line a

$mc->set("spl_queue", $q);
$p = $mc->get("spl_queue");
$p->count(); // line b

When I run this code, I got 2 in line a and 0 in line b. So it probably means storing data structure in memcache doesn't work.

So I have following three questions.

  1. Did I do anything wrong or there is another way to store splqueue in memcache?

  2. I also found SplObjectStorage for Spl data structures. Can this be a solution for my problem?

  3. Can memcached (NOT memcache) store data structures?

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Yes. Thanks for pointing out. I've updated my code – Xiaomo Liu Feb 23 '12 at 16:33
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Memcache::set() will serialize non-scalar values. SplQueue does not appear to implement the SPL Serializable interface, and so cannot be relied upon to serialize/unserialize correctly. You could extend SplQueue, implement Serializable, and then construct some appropriate serialization/unserialization strategy for this purpose.

SplObjectStorage does implement Serializable, and so I would expect it to come in and out of Memcache properly.

For other SPL structures, you should check for implementation of Serializable.

Hope this helps.

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