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I am trying to access the $Frined_Id outside the while loop. But it is only returning the last accessed element. Is there any method so that i can store the value of Friend Id inside the array and then can use them in program whenever i want.

$query="SELECT * FROM `user_friend` WHERE `User_Id`='$id'";
            echo "<a href=\"view_profile.php?id=$Friend_Id\"/>".$Name."</a>".'<br>';

        echo $Friend_Id;
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The reason it only shows the last one is because it gets changed each time in the loop and the last thing it was set to is what it is. A fix for being able to access all of them is make $Friend_Id an array as such:

$Friend_Id[] = $row['Friend_Id'];

Then after your loop, you can access them by index

// Show the first one
echo("Friend ID is " . $Friend_Id[0]);

// Show the third one
echo("Friend ID is " . $Friend_Id[2]);

You can make it even more useful by making an associative array containing the name and id like:

$friend[] = Array($Name => $Friend_Id);

Just a few ideas...

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okay...thanks.. –  Kumar Feb 23 '12 at 17:07

If you're only getting one result (if the ID is unique), don't use a loop at all.

$query = "SELECT * FROM 'user_friend' WHERE 'User_Id'= $id LIMIT 1";
$row = mysql_fetch_array($query_run);
echo $row['Friend_Id'];

Then you don't have to worry about if the value is only available inside the loop.

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