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I'm using models in yui3, and although there are functions like reset() and undo(), they don't quite accomplish what I'm looking for.

I set values at different times, but may want to just undo everything to the point of the last save... is there a way to do so at this time?

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In 3.5.0pr2 (pr2 is currently on the Yahoo! CDN; 3.5.0 GA will be released in mid-March), you can try something like this:

var MyModelClass = Y.Base.create('mine', Y.Model, [], {
    initializer: function () {
        this.after('save', this._saveState);
    _saveState: function (e) {
        this._lastState = this.toJSON();
    restoreLastSaved: function () {
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thanks! I'd upvote the answer but I don't have the rep to do it yet :( – Emily Chen Feb 24 '12 at 18:35

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