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I'm new at maven. I've just installed and configured it. When i start coding i released eclipse doesn't show the error messages. I did some resources on google. Some say you didn't add java builder to your project but i did. Here is the screenshot of it.

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It looks, that you had project in eclipse configured to have source code in 'src' subdirectory (and compile classes to 'bin'). Maven by default looks for java sources in src/main/java (and compile classes to 'target/classes'). So you'd need to move your source code to src/main/java or modify pom.xml to point to 'src' as source directory. I'd suggest following maven convention and store source code in src/main/java.

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You didn't create the Maven standard folder structure. Create the structure like that: src/main/java for Java classes and src/main/resources for properties etc., then do a right click on the project and choose Maven -> Update project configuration.

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