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Is there a way to display an image on a webpage such that it won't be copied if the surrounding text is copied?

For instance, I'd like to be able to put a diagonal up arrow after hyperlinks opening in a new window, but I'd like users to be able to copy the link with its surrounding content without copying the up arrow image.

Possible without extravagant CSS?

EDIT: I don't care if the user has access to the image, I just want a streamlined copy-paste experience.

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Like they do on wikipedia? I just tested there (FF10) and I could select and copy the text without copying the image as well. – SenorAmor Feb 23 '12 at 17:39

If you use a CSS background-image on a div for example, it will not get copied.

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You could use a background image in the CSS of an element like a <div>, but if they want a copy of the image there are still ways of getting it.

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Use div and background image for that div, if you can.

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