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I am using php and jquery to read data out of a database, put it into a 2-dimensional array, return it with jquery, and display it on a webpage. I get tripped up when I try to display it.

Here's my jquery code:

        $year = "1930";
        $.post('get_year.php', {year:$year},
                 var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(data);
                 //$('#occupantList').append( data[0][1] ); 
                 $('#occupantList').append( obj[0].address );

The first console.log displays my data beautifully:

"[{\"address\":\"1202 Arch St.\",\"occupant\":\"Morris Wolfe tailor\"},{\"address\":\"1400 Arch St.\",\"occupant\":\"The Great A&P Tea Co. Grocery\"},{\"address\":\"1500 Arch St.\",\"occupant\":\"Hoge's Drug Store\"}]"

but the second console log shows that obj[0].address is undefined.

Here's my php code:

$year = $_POST['year'];
//echo json_encode($year);
 if ($year == '1930') {
     $q1930 = "SELECT address, occupant1930 FROM mytable WHERE occupant1930 <>  ''";
     $result = $mysqli_getstores->query($q1930);
     while($row = $result->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
       //echo json_encode($row['address'] . ',' . $row['occupant1930']); 
       $response = array(address=>$row['address'],occupant=>$row['occupant1930']);//end array
       array_push($responses, $response);//push this array of one record into a larger 
       //array to hold all records
     } //end while
echo json_encode(json_encode($responses));  //return the array of arrays
 }//end year == 1930


Note that I've double json_encoded the results.

I've looked at a number of stackoverflow questions on this topic, but the answers don't appear to be working for me.

Does anyone see what I'm doing wrong, please?

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That makes not much sense: echo json_encode(json_encode($responses));, try echo json_encode($responses); instead. You don't need to use json_encode twice. – hakre Feb 23 '12 at 17:58
I think that's the answer. I read a site that insisted that was the way to do it. Oh, well. Thank you! – LauraNMS Feb 23 '12 at 18:06
Test if it is the answer, then I'll add it and you can accept it. – hakre Feb 23 '12 at 18:09

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