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I'm looking for a function to exponentiate a matrix using perl. I've searched CPAN but can't seem to find anything suitable. Does anyone know of a suitable package, or easy function?

For example, for the following matrix ($m):

$m = [[-1.85294,0.36417,1.34865,0.14012],

e^m ~=

0.25438971 0.2029723 0.4580481 0.08458940
0.07460393 0.6061030 0.1588883 0.16040370
0.16502112 0.1557330 0.6025270 0.07671839
0.08103971 0.4180838 0.2040153 0.29685570
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PDL will handle this, as @J.D. points out.

use strict;
use warnings;

use PDL;
use PDL::LinearAlgebra::Trans;
use PDL::IO::Dumper;

my $m = pdl [[-1.85294,0.36417,1.34865,0.14012],

my $new = mexp $m;

print sdump $new;


my($PDL_140600590505856) = (double(0.254389714179579,0.202972289234997,0.458048094091295,0.08458940315894629,0.0746039289026906,0.606102994157082,0.158888283526803,0.160403695685552,0.165021120118487,0.155733015860466,0.602527027489139,0.07671838765811791,0.08103970821403091,0.418083774202018,0.204015347133539,0.296855703714981)->reshape(4,4));

$VAR1 = $PDL_140600590505856;


The bit inside the double() function is the result matrix.

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That does the trick. It seems to print three warnings about subrouintes being redfined. I'm sure its nothing to worry about, but do you know of a way to prevent this? Thanks! –  wannymahoots Feb 23 '12 at 20:59
Strange. I didn't get any warnings running it under perl 5.14.2. What version of Perl and PDL are you using? –  friedo Feb 24 '12 at 0:30
I'm running perl v5.12.4, but there could be something up with my installation of PDL (mostly installed using apt-get on Ubuntu, but PDL::LinearAlgebra::Trans installed from source). I'll investigate... –  wannymahoots Feb 24 '12 at 12:00

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