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I have a basic chat node.js application working on the localhost of a Windows server running Windows 7.

Node and installed without any issue and when I run my application through RDC to the windows server, the socket works perfectly.

What I'm struggling with is how i access the socket e.g. "" externally.

I would have assumed it would be rather than "localhost:8000/" it owuld be "{server_ip}:8000/" however this does work.

I saw some discussion about iisnode, but it seems that sockets arent supported yet with that implementation.

Any suggestions?

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You can use with iisnode, however you will not be able to use the websockets transport since IIS 7 does not support websockets. You must explicitly configure your iisnode-hosted server to use the xhr-polling transport instead.

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It turned out to be a firewall issue that was blocking access to that port which my hosting company managed to resolve for me so I'm using in the normal manner through a node command prompt.

Thanks for the advice, I did try Iisnode and like you said found that sockets weren't supported.

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