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I know there has been a few questions around this topic, but here is my situation at the moment.

I am building a public facing multimedia app that includes chat. There are no issues whatsoever wrt the multimedia components of this app, the only issue I am facing now is that seeing that the smack api is not really suitable for mobile apps, i am now struggling to find a suitable api that will be able to be used cros-platform (i.e. Symbian, J2ME, Android, Blackberry,iOS etc). Is there such an api? If anybody knows please let me know.

There are api's like the Android asmack that I have come across in my search, other alternatives were to get the smack api source and alter it to my needs. But so far I see my best bet is to write a xmpp proxy component on my server side using java together with netty that will receive connections from multiple clients and pass on the work to worker threads that implement the smack api and represent the client to the xmpp server and send responses back to the client. The proxy will use either Sockets or Http to receive connections from clients.

Any thoughts around what I am planning?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I think with iOS in the mix, you are not going to find a one size solution anyway. There may be a simple low level java library around that would be usable on J2ME and Android (which would cover most of your cases), but Smack would probably require quite a bit of mods to work on J2ME. – Robin Feb 23 '12 at 19:49
I thought so, given the fact that I couldn't find any word about this on the web. I am guessing apps like google talk for iphone and blackberry use custom code to communicate with xmpp. – Tebogo Feb 23 '12 at 21:38

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