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I'm trying to set up a Jenkins build server, however the build just doesn't seem to be running any of the build tasks in the 'build' section.

I've been trying to use msbuild, and also a simple shell script, but every time I do a build it neither runs the steps or throws an exception.

Each output just looks like this:

Started by user anonymous
Finished: SUCCESS

Also the server log doesn't show anything suspicious.

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this, or had any ideas of how to debug it?

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Can you please post your configuration for a simple build (that runs shell script). Configuration will be in ${JENKINS_ROOT}/jobs/[job_name]/config.xml . If you are not sure what your JENKINS_ROOT is, goto (http://[jenkins_server]/configure), you are looking for 'Home directory', it's almost at the top of the page. – malenkiy_scot Feb 23 '12 at 20:10

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Your build may be a matrix build without axes. If it says 'Configuration Matrix' anywhere on the job configuration page - that's a matrix job. Create another job choosing 'Build a free-style software project' option.

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That's done the trick, such a silly mistake to make! Many thanks – ChrisD88 Feb 24 '12 at 9:09

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