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I have a dynamic html table built with different rows where each row has set of particular Fields like textboxes and i have a button which updates all the changed rows. was able to track which row was changed where we will be getting the row number that has been changed

How do i create a dynamic array of all the row numbers that are being changed in the table how do i create a format for the changed row values and send to the server for update

        var m = 0;
        var changedrows = {};
          var num= $(this).parent().html()*1; // Able to get the row  number correctly 
          alert("changed row is"+num);      
          changedrows[m] = {row:num};           

how do i create a dynamic and unique array.

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You can take advantage of the defaultValue and defaultSelected properties of form fields. First, find all the inputs whose defaultValue differs from its value:

var changedFields = $("input[id*=mid]").filter(function () {
    return this.defaultValue != this.value;

Then, find all the list boxes whose defaultSelected differs from the current selection:

changedFields.add($("select[id*=mse_]").filter(function () {
    return !this.options[this.selectedIndex].defaultSelected;

Note, that if no <option> has a selected attribute, all of the options will have defaultSelected as false. One way you could address that would be to find the default option. The default option would be the last option that has defaultSelected as true, and if none do, then the default option would be the first option.

changedFields.add($("select[id*=mse_]").filter(function () {
    var defaultOption = $("option", this).filter(function () {
        return this.defaultSelected;
    defaultOption = defaultOption.length ? defaultOption.last()[0] : this.options[0];
    return this.options[this.selectedIndex] != defaultOption;

Then, find their parent rows:

var changedRows = changedFields.closest("tr");

Then, get an array of row indexes from the rows using .map():

var changedRowIndexes = changedRows.map(function () {
    return $(this).index();

Now, changedRowIndexes is an array of numbers indicating the index of each row with an input element that has changed.

After you've sent the changes to the server, it may be a good idea to update the defaultValue of your inputs:

changedFields.filter("input").each(function () {
    this.defaultValue = this.value;
changedFields.filter("select").each(function () {
    $("option", this).each(function () {
        this.defaultSelected = false;
    this.options[this.selectedIndex].defaultSelected = true;
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I would try something along the lines of the following (untested) code:

var changedrows = []; // Use an array

$('#yourtableid').on('change', 'input[id*=mid_],select[id*=mse_]', function() {
    var num = $(this).closest('tr').index();
    if(changedrows.indexOf(num) == -1) {
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You already have an array of all the changed rows.

Now, when you want to submit the forms, loop through your array and use serialize() to convert each changed row into a query string.

Each query string will start with the "?" character, so you'll need to use substring() to deal with that.

You can then use $.post to submit the data to the server.

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I seem to be recommending serialize() a lot lately... –  Dave Feb 23 '12 at 18:59

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