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Thanks everyone. Based on your responses, it looks like I'll be sending this one back. I thought it might be something I could fix quickly.

One of our clients sent us a script and one of the files had the following in it.

AND catparentid = '".( integer )."'";

Does anyone have any idea why the word "integer" would be inbetween the brackets or what it's supposed to be doing? I can't find anything about it online. It's the ending part of a sql query. The script is complaining about the "." in this query but I suspect the problem is the "integer" part...?

This is the full query....

$sql = "SELECT * FROM [|PREFIX|]categories WHERE catname = '".$GLOBALS['ISC_CLASS_DB']->quote( $prod )."' AND catparentid = '".( integer )."'";


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It's not valid SQL. It's most likely a typo. –  Marcus Adams Feb 23 '12 at 19:19

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This is a PHP error and not a MySQL one.

I can only speculate what this script is really supposed to do, but it's possible they meant to cast a variable to integer because the catparentid column is an integer type (which is a good idea), but the variable isn't actually there:

$sql = "..AND catparentid = '".( integer ) $catparentid ."'";
//                                         ^ forgot something?

However, seeing [|PREFIX|], it's more likely just a placeholder as Michael suggests.

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Thanks Madmartigan, the prefix part is a part of the greater shopping cart so it's used throughout all the scripts but yeah, that catparentid thing is confusing. –  Tsanders Feb 23 '12 at 19:21
AND catparentid = '".( integer )."'";

smells very strongly of PHP, where the dot is used as a string concatenator. I suspect this was cupy-pasted from PHP code and not fully sanitized.

In PHP this would create a string of sorts

AND catparentid = '( integer )'
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Thanks Eugen. They used ".( somethinginthemiddle )." on all of their queries. New to me. –  Tsanders Feb 23 '12 at 19:53

Most likely, the client is just indicating that the value catparentid is supposed to be an integer, and that when performing the query in PHP, an integer variable should be substituted for ( integer ).

// An integer...
$catparentid = 12345;
$sql = "SELECT * FROM [|PREFIX|]categories WHERE catname = '".$GLOBALS['ISC_CLASS_DB']->quote( $prod )."' AND catparentid = '".$catparentid."'";

Or, since quoting a numeric value in MySQL isn't necessary:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM [|PREFIX|]categories WHERE catname = '".$GLOBALS['ISC_CLASS_DB']->quote( $prod )."' AND catparentid = $catparentid";
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Thanks Michael. It's a bit mysterious because we aren't building it for the client, it's supposed to be ready to go. Hmmmm... –  Tsanders Feb 23 '12 at 19:14

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