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I am looking at dojo source but couldn't find How the menu data is being feeded to widgets like ComboBox, FilteringSelect etc ... . ComboBox inherits ComboBoxMixin which uses PopupManager

DropDownMenu inherits dijit._MenuBase But I cannot see where in _MenuBase it grabs the menu Items data and constructs the menu elements out of it. There is Menu.html, 'MenuItem.html' in templates/ But how these templates are being used that architecture is not clear yet.

Thats what I've understood from source but how the menu data (may be data from store or hard coded data) is feeded to these widgets is not yet understood. Can anybody explain a bit ?

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So in dojo 1.7.2, they have an _AutoCompleterMixin. _AutoCompleterMixin is mixed into the ComboBoxMixin

_AutoCompleterMixin has a startSearch function that gets invoked whenever user types in something into the combobox.

the startSearch function actually performs the fetch fromt he store. At lines 584 in _AutoCompleteMixin.js:

var resPromise = _this._fetchHandle = _this.store.query(query, options);
                Deferred.when(resPromise, function(res){
                    _this._fetchHandle = null;
                    res.total = resPromise.total;
                    _this._openResultList(res, query, options);

when the data is fetched, it invokes the _openResultList which passed the data to the createOptions function in _ComboBoxMixin.js

the createOptions function fills in the dropdown list DOM by using the items passed into it

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btw I am keeping my old answer too in case someone else wants to learn how it is done in dojo 1.4.x –  Vijay Agrawal Feb 24 '12 at 19:52


Which version of dojo are you using? In dojo 1.4, it behaves like this:

in dijit/form/ComboBox.js you will see a class called dijit.form._ComboBoxMenu in this class there is a method called _createOption in which you will see the DOM creation of the li element (menu is a typical ul li format)

from the code:

_createOption: function(/*Object*/ item, labelFunc){
        // summary:
        //      Creates an option to appear on the popup menu subclassed by
        //      `dijit.form.FilteringSelect`.

        var labelObject = labelFunc(item);
        var menuitem = dojo.doc.createElement("li");
        dijit.setWaiRole(menuitem, "option");
            menuitem.innerHTML = labelObject.label;

The ComboBox class (ComboBoxMixin actually) invokes the _openResultList function which invokes the _createOption(s) on the popup widget. The good part is that the popup widget is a property of the ComboBox, so it is pluggable

It also has a _startSearch function in which it fetches the items from the store, sets a timer and when it expires, it shows the popup

    onComplete: dojo.hitch(this, "_openResultList"),

hope this helps


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I am using The Latest version 1.7.2 –  Neel Basu Feb 24 '12 at 3:05

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